Become a retailer


Make-up for everyone!

NALM Cosmetics vision is that makeup should be for everyone regardless of skin color or
economy. Therefore, our products are highly pigmented and come in colors that suit everyone -
at a good price. Do you share this vision? Perfect - then we're the right brand for you. All our
products are of high quality and are also Vegan and Cruelty free. We know that your customers
will LOVE NALM Cosmetics.


Affordable prices!
Our retail prices are affordable to you as a stockist and designed to ensure that you get a good


Marketing support!
As a Stockist of NALM Cosmetics, you will have access to our marketing materials such as
display stands, product images and other items that will help you succeed in selling NALM
Cosmetics products. We always support our stockists by promoting them and driving traffic to
their stores. Do you have a specific marketing initative - please contact us and we would love to
disucuss it further!


We want you as a stockist to feel confident and knowledgeable in our products. What do our
products contain? What colour suits best for what skin tone? Best application tips? We will
educate you in this and much more when you become a Stockist of NALM Cosmetics.


By becoming a stockist of NALM Cosmetics, you help change the beauty industry and show that
makeup is for everyone. With confidence you will sell top quality products and know that you are
making a change. We look forward to bringing you on the train, welcome on board!